This journal uses Vancouver reference style. Review your reference style
guidelines prior to submission. All references should be numbered consecutively in
order of appearance and should be as complete as possible. In-text citations should
be superscript numbers. Journal titles are abbreviated; abbreviations may be found
in the following: MEDLINE, Index Medicus, or  CalTech Library .
Submissions are not required to reflect the precise reference formatting of the
journal (use of italics, bold etc.), however it is important that all key elements of each
reference are included. Please see below for examples of reference content
For more information about this reference style, please see this guide published by
Monash University.

Reference examples follow:
Journal article
1. Wood WG, Eckert GP, Igbavboa U, Muller WE. Statins and neuroprotection: a
prescription to move the field forward. Ann N Y Acad Sci 2010; 1199:69-76.

2. Hoppert, M. Microscopic techniques in biotechnology. Weinheim: Wiley-VCH;

Electronic Material
3. [homepage on the internet]. New York: Association of Cancer
Online Resources, Inc.; c2000–01 [Cited 2015 May 11]. Available