Manuscripts will be considered for publication only if the work detailed:
- Follows international, national, and/or institutional guidelines for humane
animal treatment and complies with relevant legislation.
- Has been approved by the ethics review committee at the institution or
practice at which the studies were conducted where such a committee exists.
- For studies using client-owned animals, demonstrates a high standard (best
practice) of veterinary care and involves informed client consent.

Before acceptance of a manuscript, to verify compliance with the above policies, the
authors must:
- Confirm that legal and ethical requirements have been met with regards to
the humane treatment of animals described in the article;
- Specify the ethics review committee approval process and the international,
national, and/or institutional guidelines followed.

The Editor retains the right to reject manuscripts on the basis of ethical or animal
welfare concerns. Papers may be rejected on ethical grounds if the study involves
unnecessary pain, distress, suffering or lasting harm to animals, or if the severity of
the experimental procedure does not appear to be justified by the value of the work
presented. We ask that the work would be likely to gain approval in Britain under the
Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act or equivalent regulations.