Trichomonasis detection in pigeons ( Columba livia domestica) in Diyala province

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Haleem hamza Hussein


Canker is important disease in Iraq birds and causes a real effects in domestic birds . The grossly lesion in the infected birds were seen white to yellowish mass in different size in the oropharyngeal cavity, as inflammation and ulceration ,the lesion may extended into esophagus ,crop and proventriculus and causes block of the respiratory tract and lead to the death of the birds. Microscopic structures of T.gallinae were apparent when smears prepared and stained by Giemsa. the cytoplasm appeared light purple and nucleus with dark purple and clarification of the flagella , nucleus and cytoplasm very well. The results showed a high significant (P<0.01) difference between two different ages of infected birds with T.gallinae . the adult birds which recorded the highest infection rate 33.33%, while the lower infection rate 20% was among the young birds . females recorded the highest rate 32.30% while the lowest rate 20% was found in the males.The results showed that the higher infection rate with Trichomonas gallinae 57.14% was in March among different months of study.

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